Doctor Lock Car Keys can make new keys for your Toyota.

We service all of Brisbane & the Gold Coast suburbs at no extra cost.

We can offer you a less expensive option for Toyota cars that use key in the ignition.

For push button start cars we can save you money by supplying an aftermarket smart key fob.


Replacement Toyota keys
Replacement Toyota Keys

Our Aftermarket replacement Toyota keys are made very well and will last longer or just as long as an genuine Toyota car key.

We use aftermarket keys because they

  • No different
  • Do exactly the same job
  • Quality is out standing
  • Come in the same shape
  • Less expensive for the customer

We are happy to use your genuine customer supplied key but must be a Toyota Genuine key. 

Different Types of Toyota car keys

Standard Key

Standard Toyota car Key with chip

This key has a chip in the plastic head of the key.

Key with remote

Toyota remote key

This key has a chip and remote control in the head of the key

Flip key remote

Replacement Toyota keys

This key has a chip and remote but the key flips out the side.

Smart Key Fob

Replacement Toyota keys

These are for push button start cars. All in one with emergency key 

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