Volkswagen Ignition Lock

Volkswagen ignition locks are notorious for getting the key stuck in the ignition lock.

The problem stops you from.

  • Key will not turn off the car
  • Key will not start the car
  • Key is stuck in ignition lock
  • Key won’t turn in ignition
Volkswagen and Audi vehicles have the common issue of the ignition lock cylinder getting stuck and leaving the vehicle disabled. 
Most of the time this can happen without warning signs. 
Symptoms can be a hard to turn key, refusal for the key to turn forward, or the key stuck in the ignition with the car running. 
Other symptoms are the vehicle radio or gauge cluster staying on and the key fob not locking or unlocking the doors due to the ignition switch not returning to the off position. 

Fixing Volkswagen Ignition Lock Repair

Fixing or replacing the V W ignition lock involved removing all the component’s around the steering wheel.

Typically this takes a few hours from start to finish.

Here is a short video  

Depending on what needs to be done allow between $400 to $600 as a guide.

Volkswagen Ignition Switch

VW ignition locks also have a problem with the switch on the back of the ignition lock.

Typically we replace these switches when we fix a stuck vw ignition


Replacement Volkswagen Keys

Doctor Lock Locksmiths can make new keys for your Volkswagen if you are located in either the Gold Coast or Brisbane areas.

We will give you a fixed price over the phone & book in a time & date.

We can also unlock your VW if your keys are locked in the car. 

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