Ford Falcons & Ford Territories all have ignition switch problems.

These later Fords have a intermittent starting problem.

Often people think it’s the starter motor, which could be the case if the car is a high mileage car, but most of the time we have found it’s the ignition.

A quick and easy test is to jump the relay.

Doctor Lock can fix these ignition problems if you are in the Gold Coast or Brisbane areas.


Ford replacement ignition repair

Ford Falcon BA & BF

The Ford Falcon BA & BF have two common ignition switch problems

  • Switch comes apart
  • Return spring fails to return from starter motor position

Lucky both of these problem can be fixed & an aftermarket part is available to fix the problem once & for all.

If you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast Doctor Lock can attend your location and do the repair for a very cost effective price.


Replacement Ford Keys

Doctor Lock has a wide range of Ford car keys on hand.

We also cater to the budget friendly option to get you back driving at a very reasonable price.

Aftermarket keys are often much better in quality and last longer then Ford genuine keys.

Some Ford cars can have just plain key without a remote saving you money.

Replacement ford keys
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